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Learn from our most popular series of video tutorials on J2EE topics covering Web Services (SOAP and RESTful), Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Core Java, Apache Maven, Design Principles and Hibernate Framework. So far more than 85,000,00 minutes have been watched world wide on our You Tube channel...

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Strategy Design Pattern

  Strategy Design Pattern is one of the most easiest and powerful design patterns which if used properly at the right situation can bring enormous benefits to the code. Let us first understand what exactly it is all about with the help of a very simple example and later we will learn about all advantages and disadvantages of(…)

Find a sub-array with the largest sum

This problem is also known with the name: Maximum sum sub array problem/Largest sum contiguous sub array problem. Problem: Given a one dimensional Array (containing both positive and negative numbers), write an efficient program to find a contiguous sub array in it which has a maximum sum. Problem Explanation: You are given an array a = {1,3,(…)

Introduction to Design Patterns – the Bible to become a ROCKSTAR Java programmer

Developing a software is not a BIG deal but developing a good software could be the one!!! As a Java programmer you might feel knowledge of all OO programming concepts like what’s a class, what an object, what’s an inheritance, composition etc. is all what you need to write great code; but, the matter of fact(…)